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Building your dream home or need service on an existing unit?  You've come to the right place!  Contact us by web or phone and we'll take care of all of your heating and cooling needs. 

We specialize in Ruud's proven comfort systems!
We specialize in Ruud's proven comfort systems!


Extend the life of your system, reduce energy bills and improve indoor air quality.

  1. Check the air filter:  A dirty filter can cause restricted air flow hindering performance and causing malfunctions.  Air filters should be changed regularly.  
  2. Check the thermostat:  Update setting for the season change and make sure the batteries are still working.
  3. Check/Reset the power: Losing power even briefly can cause the breaker to trip, reset the breaker to restore power to the unit.  Another possibility may be the on/off switch located next to the unit is in the off position.
  4. Check for adequate air flow:  Make sure all vents and registers are open and not blocked by furniture or other obstructions.