New Construction Installation

New Construction Installation

Make sure your new home is set up with a proper HVAC Installation.

Residential Services

Residential Services

Avoid Costly Monthly Repairs in Your Home by Scheduling AC & Seasonal Furnace Maintenance

Commercial Services

Commercial Services

Replace your commercial HVAC unit to maximize the energy-efficiency of your building.



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Keep Your Home and Business at a Comfortable Temperature

Hire an HVAC contractor in Spokane, WA

You shouldn't settle for having a home or business that's not at a comfortable temperature. If your HVAC system isn't getting as warm or cool as it should, it may be time for maintenance. An HVAC technician from Evergreen Heating & Cooling has the expertise needed to serve both residential and commercial clients in Spokane, WA.

You can come to us for a variety of services. We provide...

Residential services.

Schedule routine maintenance for your home to keep your furnace and AC running smoothly.

Commercial services.

Replace your office HVAC system and establish a custom maintenance schedule.

New construction installation services.

Make sure your new build has the right HVAC system in place.

You won't want to wait to take care of your HVAC needs, especially as the seasons start to change.

Call 509-534-8305 now to schedule heating or AC services.

Trust our pros to keep your HVAC system in peak condition

When you're choosing an HVAC contractor, you'll want to work with one that will get the job done right. We bring over 20 years of experience to each job, so we know how to identify heating and cooling problems and repair them efficiently. Contact us today to speak with a technician.

Don't ignore the importance of regular maintenance

Making sure that your HVAC system is in good condition is important to the overall efficiency of your home or office. A well-maintained unit will save you money by preventing costly breakdowns and reducing your energy bills. Regular maintenance also extends the life of your unit while improving your air quality.

Don't wait to start benefiting from a well-maintained unit. Speak with us today about including a regular maintenance plan for your AC and furnace.

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