Is Your House Too Cold?

Arrange for heating repairs in Spokane, WA

You don't always need a full replacement to solve HVAC problem. If your heater isn't keeping your house at the right temperature, it's time to schedule a service call. Your repairs are in good hands when you count on Evergreen Heating & Cooling to work on your system.

Contact us today to schedule high-quality AC and furnace repairs. We also perform full unit replacements if your unit is old or severely damaged.

3 benefits of regular HVAC maintenance

Please don't wait to schedule HVAC maintenance. When you arrange for maintenance, you'll benefit from...


Lower costs.

Preventive maintenance reduces the chances that you'll need costly HVAC repairs or replacement.


Improved comfort.

When your home has a functioning HVAC system, it'll stay at a more comfortable temperature.


Safer living.

Regular maintenance lowers your risk of carbon monoxide leaks, burst pipes and water damage.

Don't leave your home open to future problems from poor HVAC care. Call 509-534-8305 now to discuss a routine HVAC maintenance schedule.